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Mark van Dale


Mark van Dale was born in Rotterdam on November 13th 1964. At the age of 15, he started DJ-ing, not only in local clubs but as a radio-DJ as well (and became quite popular doing so!) In the early nineties, Mark discovered house-music. At that time, the most popular style in house-music was hardcore, “gabber”. Together with his pal Erik de Koning (a.k.a Enrico), Mark produced several hardcore-tracks, like King Dale’s “Utter Utter” and Obscure FM’s “Michael Jackson is in heaven now”.
Mark turned his back on “gabber” soon. After a visit to Amsterdam’s “iT’-club, Mark turned completely towards the groovy club style. From that moment on, Mark was really devoted to “make it” in the club scene, resulting in guest appearances at the “iT”club, standing in for DJ Jean. In 1996, Mark became resident DJ of the well-acclaimed club “Asta Movement”. This club was located in The Hague and was visited by 2500 people every Saturday night. Mark’s star was rising fast; as a producer he teamed up with Erik de Koning again, resulting in the international hit record “Water Wave” or “Waterverve” as it was called in the Benelux.
After the release of “Water Wave” on Mark’s own label “Massive Drive Recordings” things really started to happen; his follow-up single “Power Woman” also went up high in the charts, Mark played at big national parties like “Mega Music Dance Xperience” and “Beach Power” for more then 25.000 people, played at almost every big club in Holland (like Chemistry in Amsterdam) and was invited for lots of international gigs. He also appeared at music stations “Viva” (Germany) and The Music Factory (Holland) with live DJ sets and interviews. With “Massive Drive Recordings” he released a couple of compilations throughout Arcade Benelux and with his good friends The Klubbheads he produced a couple of tracks, like “Raise your hands up in the air”. As remix producers, Mark and Enrico produced mixes for Vincent de Moor, Adeva, Vengaboys, Klubbheads, Alison Limerick, Rainbox and many more....
Nowadays, Mark is one of the most wanted Deejay’s of The Netherlands with his groovy music style with trance and techno influences. Mark van Dale now appears on a regular bases in Germany, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, L.A, Miami (USA), Israel, Spain and so on…. He also accepted a residency at the new hot spot «O» Dance Theatre in The Hague.
Besides being a successful Deejay, Mark is also co-owner of the Dub Foundation Company, together with Guido Pernet and Erik de Koning. Dub Foundation is also partly responsible for the creation of DJ Jurgens hit record “Higher and Higher” which was produced together with Jurgen. Together with Erik and Guido, Mark is co-founder of the brand new Internet Dance Radio Station: www.dancenet.fm as well. Every Wednesday evening you’ll be able to listen to his radio show “Dub Foundation” co-hosted by MC Paul-T.
What’s coming up? - Mark van Dale’s new solo-single “Something Goin’ On” is expected to be released in the Summer of 2000. - A new Mix Compilation “Kriti Vibes 2000” will be released as well. - This summer, Mark van Dale will be DJ-ing on several parties all over the world, to name a few: Amnesia, Ibiza; Kriti Vibes, Greece; Dance Valley, Holland; on a variety of places in Spain.....and many more.

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