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Klubbheads are: IttyBitty, BoozyWoozy and Greatski,
Addy van der Zwan (1971), Koen Groeneveld (1965)
and Jan Voermans (1969).
This is their story:
In 1988 Addy and Koen started mixing together. The studio was located in Addy's bedroom at that time. They also DJ-ed together in the local club.
Soon they started making remixes of their favourite records, which were used by national radio many times.
In 1990 Koen & Addy started to make their own records. (Some of them are still classics.) With the money they earned they bought new equipment for their studio.
In 1990 they made a megamix for a contest of a recordcompany and they won. The price was a CD-release of their megamix. That mix was a big succes and from that moment on they made many many mixes like "Houseparty", "MegaDance" and the very popular "Megamix of the year..".
In 1992 one of their records, "The Ultimate Seduction" was a Top 20 hit in Holland. (This very special record was a hit in France in 1997!)
In 1992 they moved the studio from the bedroom and hired a place, where they built a new one.
The two guys met Jan in 1995. He had worked before as a producer/ remixer for a.o. 2 Unlimited and he had his own independent record company in Belgium. He asked Koen and Addy if they were interested to make a remix together. When they did that, the chemistry was so strong, that "Jan never left the building".
They founded the company Digidance. Their first project together was "Chaka Boom Bang" - "Tossin’ and turnin’". That record was a big club-hit in the UK.
In January 1995 they started a project called Klubbheads on Blue Records.
After that they made records for Blue with names like: IttyBitty,BoozyWoozy, Greenfield, Joy etc. The first big Klubbheads hit was Klubbhopping, which was the B2 track of "Work this pussy". It was a Klubb-hit all over Europe and a Top 10 single hit in the UK.< br> In the meanwhile they also worked on six Dutch Top 10 hits for rave- artist DJ Paul Elstak.
Because of the big succes of Klubbhopping, Klubbheads were asked to make remixes for more than 70 artists like: Armand van Helden, Mankey, Atlantic Ocean, Scooter, Josh Wink, U96, Future Breeze, 2 Unlimited, Duke, Mory Kante, Alison Limerick, Escrima, Mark van Dale with Enrico, Danny tenaglia, Sequential one, Vanessa Mae, DJ Supreme, The Chemist, Sash!, Brooklyn Bounce, Disco Citizens, Marradonna, Salt ‘n Pepa, Tina Cousins, The Vengaboys, Triple S, Avant Garde, Sasha and so on...

In the summer of 1997 the Klubbheads single "Discohopping" was released and again it was a big European-klubb hit and it reached the UK Top 40 again!!
With "Kickin’ hard" they had a UK Top 40 hit for the third time! (august 1998)
In November 1998 DJ Mark van Dale and Klubbheads produced "Raise your hands". They called the project DJ Mark van Dale vs. Klubbheads DJ Team.
In October 1999 Klubbheads started a new label, D'N'A records. On this label there will be releases of former Blue Records projects, like: Joy, Greenfield, The Ultimate Seduction and of course Klubbheads!
Februari 2000 "Turn up the bass" was released and the 12" vinyl was a worldwide succes. The cd single reached #42 in the Dutch Sales Chart.
Klubbheads latest offering "Big Bass Bomb" was released two weeks ago (September 2000) and club-reactions implicate this new single will be the next huge succes...... Other projects of Klubbheads are: DJ Disco, Da Klubb Kings, Cab 'N' Crew, B.I.G., Da Techno Bohemian, Bad Boy Notorious, J.A.K., The D.J., The Ultimate Seduction, Greenfield and Joy. Next to producing and remixing, IttyBitty, BoozyWoozy and Greatski are DJ-ing at various parties all over the world. Here are some places they already visited: Saint Petersburg, Minsk and Moscow / Russia, UK, Norway, Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona/Spain, nearly every spot in Germany, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, Canada, France, Ireland, Austria, Bulgary, Austria, Miami, Australia and more... Klubbheads & DJ Jean In the summer of 1998 Klubbheads started working together with Holland's number one DJ, DJ Jean. "U got my love" was the first single they produced for DJ Jean and was released on their own label Mo'Bizz Recordings. "U got my love" reached the number one position in the Dutch dance charts and also entered the top 40. In December of that year, they released (a twelve Inch only) remix- package of the track "Madhouse". This was a bonus track on the "U got my love" single. This non-commercial release, totally unexpected, was a number one hit in the Dutch dance chart again! The third Klubbheads & DJ Jean production, "The launch" was released in January 1999. This track became a real Anthem..... #1 in the Dutch Top 40, #2 in the UK and chart succes in a.o. France, Scandinavia and Germany. In February 2000, "Love come home" was released on vinyl. This full vocal song, sung by Johny Kelvin was #1 in the Dutch dance charts in two weeks! The single was #4 in the sales chart. In Germany the 12" was a top 20 hit in the Deutsche Dance Chart and it reached #2 in the UK Club Chart. At this very moment, September 2000, Klubbheads and DJ Jean are producing a new single which will probably be released at the end of 2000.

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