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Johan Gielen


Johan Gielen
DJ Name:
DJ Johan Gielen
Date of birth:
February 23, 1968
Place of birth:
Mol, Belgium
Favourite labels:
Xtravaganza, UK Ministry UK Manifesto, UK Blackhole, Holland Free for All
Holland Favourite producers:
Marco V and Benjamin, Rank 1, Nick (Chicane), Paul van Dijk, Ferry Corsten
Parties in the Netherlands:
Trance Energy ('00) Mystery Land (august '00) Heineken Dance Parade (august '00) Wild Live Blackholeparty, Melkweg (Amsterdam)
Parties international:
Privilege (Ibiza, '00) The Velfarre (Tokyo) BCM (Majorca '99) Baya Beach (Norway '00) Hyperstate (Norway '00) Love Parade (Germany '00)
Pacific Melody, L'Esperanza, Airscape
Generation Love-Boy George, Kiss-Venga Boys, Sparkles-DJ Tiesto, Delirium, Chicane, Scooter
Compilation albums:
In Trance we trust Mixed by Johan Gielen, Academy of Trance, Trance Match
DJ Johan Gielen owns a production company called 'Johan Gielen Music Productions'. It's a new company and Gielens plans are to start producing number one albums in the near future

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