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DJ Luna


Richard de Mildt a.k.a DJ Luna is one of the most promising hardhouse/Techno DJ's of the moment. His ability to mix, scratch and backspin like a professional hip-hop DJ is astonishing. In 1994 he started mixing the divers harder streams of housemusic. Throughout the years he has proven to be a highly talented DJ who is booked on major events all over the country and surroundings. ( Qlimax, Mysteryland, Qlub Tempo, Multigroove, Houseqlassics, etc) As a resident DJ of Qlub Tempo he knows to make the crowd crazy every month. His style varies from Hardhouse/style, Hardtrance to Techno. Luna is known for his excelent recordchoice and his pumping sets. Besides spinning the wheels he also works on his own productions, so keep you're eyes open. For more info check

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