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DJ Jurgen


DJ Jurgen was born in Delft on February 13th 1967.  




He started hid DJ career in 1978 as a radio-DJ with Radio “Stad den Haag”.
In 1985 he moved to “Radio Veronica” one of Holland’s largest national radio stations of that time (and it still is). Besides radio he started doing road shows with them as well.


His name became known all over Holland and when house music started, DJ Jurgen moved along with his new style of music into the club scene. Since then Jurgen developed his own style which is strong grooving techno-trance.


Besides his residential night “The Hour Power” at club Escape in Amsterdam, DJ Jurgen is DJ-ing at various clubs and party’s all over the World.


In 1995 he started producing and released his first record in 1996 at the “Colors” label.


Nowadays DJ has a huge success with his single “Better off Alone” which was released in December 1998. The single charted Top 10 in many countries and even peaked at number 2 in the UK single charts.


DJ Jurgen also released his DJ compilation, which was very successful. His new single “Higher & Higher” is released on 12 inch and it is a world wide top 10- hit !

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