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Dateq XTC


The Channels
The XTC has four channels, three of which are equipped with a fader. The channel without a fader has been designed so that a microphone can quickly be connected and can be mixed via the Gain control. The fader channels are equipped with a long, 100 mm ALPS fader which runs extremely smoothly. Channels X, T and C are equipped with two inputs, so that line signals such as keyboard, sampler, CD or MD player can be connected as well as three turntables. A push button next to the channel input control allows switching from input 1 to input 2, so that plugging in and unplugging equipment is a thing of the past.
Take control over your tones
The tone control is just what can be expected from Dateq. A perfect Top for accentuating high hats, an aggressive Mid and a Groovy Bass. Top and Bass have a range of plus or minus 15 dB, while Mid can be adjusted from minus 12 to plus 12 dB. The outermost fader channels are connected to the X-fader.
New feature: Terminators
To increase speed and ease of operation during mixing, the XTC has so-called "terminators". Bass, Mid or Top can be removed from the cross-fader as quick as a flash using these switches. The X-fader is connected between the outermost channels of the XTC and, together with the channel faders, is VCA operated, in order to exclude interference and to guarantee years of trouble-free use.

The Transform buttons ensure that the snatches of music from one side of the cross-fader are added to the other side.

There is monitoring for each channel, of course, and it is available on an emergency telephone amplifier with "power". Split, a unique Dateq function, allows monitoring and listening to the master signal to be carried out on the headphones simultaneously.
There is no shortage of outputs on the XTC. The master output is balanced and has XLR plugs so that it can be coupled directly to an output amplifier. The master also has a chinch output. The XTC has a monitor out, a Sub low output for operation of an (active) low speaker and a second headphone connection.

Because the XTC is used mostly in dimly lit surroundings, it is equipped with a front-mounted 12 volt lamp connection.

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