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Dateq Styx


VCA controlled cross fader
The STYX is brimming with new technologies. Such as the new VCA-controlled crossfader (a DATEQ first): the audio signal is not routed via the fader but via a (professional) VCA control circuit. This prevents each and every noise problem associated with all other crossfaders while increasing the reliability enormously.
Transform Switches
Another revolutionary feature: Transform switches, placed ideally just above the crossfader. Pressing the ON switch activates the function, pressing the TRANSFORM switch will then mix the signals from crossfader input A or B with the Master Output mix. Releasing the switch restores the normal Master Output. Or the very handy routing select switch: every channel can be sent to the Master Output, crossfader input A or crossfader input B. This creates a uniquely flexible concept.
But wait, there's more...
Like the Split Cue switch: when depressed you will hear the PFL-signal in the left earphone and the Master signal in the right so you can mix two sources flawlessly. And also the two adjustable Outputs: Master and Monitor - a feature borrowed from the more expensive DATEQ mixers. The extra (fixed level) LOW Output enables you to send frequencies below 125 Hz to a separate subwoofer: for those heavy mixes you can feel...Other details are smooth 100 mm faders for precise level control and the BNC-connector for a lamp (optional) to ease mixing in the dark

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