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Dateq Onyx


The Onyx Story
Does your sound system only provide one program output while you really need two separate signals? Do you need a mixer with a lot of functions but you don't have the space to install one? Do you need a microphone announcement or a CD jukebox to automatically override other audio sources, but this won't work with the present system?

The new Onyx mixer from Dateq solves all these problems and more! Thanks to its multipurpose design it is extremely handy to use as heart of the audio system in health clubs, shopping malls, schools, bars, restaurants, hotels, small disco's, conference rooms, etc.

The Inputs
Each of the six input channels is fitted with two separate inputs, so you may connect up to three microphones and nine line signals simultaneously. Each channel also has a pre-fade-listen function (CUE).

Channel 1 and 2 have a microphone input with separate gain control and two-band equalizer to improve speech intelligibility. Channel 1 has the second input mounted on the front panel so you may rapidly connect any microphone. Channel 3, 4, 5 and 6 each have two line level inputs for signal sources such as CD-players or -jukeboxes, MD-players, cassettedecks, tuners, etc. You may even connect a turntable via the optional Dateq MD-2 RIAA-correction amplifier! Channel 6 has a special stereo "jukebox" input: any signal present here will 'override' and 'duck' all other input signals. For ergonomic and economic purposes the line level channels have not been equipped with equalizers.

Voice Over
The Onyx has a special Voice-over circuit controlled by the signal from any microphone input, giving this signal priority (voice activated) over every other signal. The Voice-over function can be selected with the button on the front panel, while the threshold of the voice-over 'ducking' action can be adjusted.
The Outputs
The Onyx has two completely independent stereo outputs, each with 3-band equalizer for accurate sound shaping and control and a pre-fade listen switch (CUE). The Master A output has electronically balanced XLR connectors so long signal cables can be used in able to position the power amps close to the loudspeakers. The Master A signal also has a separate unbalanced output. The Master B output is unbalanced only. The LED bar VU meters are very bright and clear to read. They show the selected CUE signal (from Output A, B or any Input).
New: Zone System
The unique 'Zone System' enables you to send two separate stereo mixes from Master A and B. The two routing switches (A/B) on each channel let you select the input signal to Output A, B or both. Meaning for instance you can use the CD-player for background music in the lounge or front half of a large room and microphones plus cassettedeck for a (sales-)meeting in the rear section of the same room. Both outputs can of course be used with the same mix, e.g. for general public address purposes.

The very sturdy construction of the Onyx, the sophisticated design and the careful selection of materials all guarantee long-term reliability: under even the most severe conditions!

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