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Dateq Apollo


APOLLO: leading edge technology for a perfect mix.
Apollo, the Greek god of fine arts, has returned in the form of DATEQ's newest and finest 7 channel disco mixer. Built with leading edge technologies to produce the perfect mix. The 7 stereo channels, 14 inputs and 6 outputs make the APOLLO very flexible to use. The following special functions however make it a truly professional mixer.
What makes the Apollo a Legend ?
The routing select switch: every channel can be sent directly to the Master Output or to the crossfader inputs A or B, giving much more creative possibilities.The VCA-controlled crossfader (DATEQ was the first to use this): prevents each and every problem (crackling, screeching, signal loss, etc.) associated with other crossfaders while increasing the reliability enormously. The Transform switches: when depressed the mix from the crossfader is mixed with the signals routed to the Master Output. Releasing the switch restores the normal Master Output.
Check it out: Beat Compare!
This advanced microprocessor controlled function compares the BPM's of the two signals connected to crossfader input A and B. Illuminated up/down arrow symbols indicate how a signal has to be adjusted (faster/slower): when tempo's are equal the TEMPO LED will light. But only when signal timing is exactly synced the SYNC LED will light. Perfect cross-mixes are thus extremely simple.
Split Cue switch
When depressed you'll hear the PFL-signal in the left earphone and the Master signal in the right so you can mix two sources flawlessly.Other details are smooth 100 mm faders for precise level control, the 40 segment LED-meter, the separate Low Output for frequencies below 125 Hz (to be sent to a subwoofer amplifier) and the BNC-connector for a lamp (optional) to ease dancing in the dark.

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