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It all started at the end of 1998 when Pieter-Jan Verachtert (Peejay) and Sam Hauglustaine teamed up to make a remix for one of their projects. The record company’s reaction to this remix was so overwhelming that they decided to release it as a new project under a separate name. One thing lead to another, and Pieter-Jan and Sam were asked to start thinking about possible names for the project, which they did. D-Devils was born!
The time had now come for them to produce a follow-up to their first record, “Odin’s Odyssey”. Peejay and Sam wanted to make something more catchy and decided to add the voice of a male narrator to the track. And it worked, as “Love Her At The Meat Parade”, initially meant as a joke, became a modest hit in the club scene. But the real success began in 2000 with the release of “The 6th Gate”. Peejay had meanwhile been preparing his own studio and was now fully equipped to give the D-Devils project a whole new dimension. Very simple on one hand, but very catchy and compelling on the other, “The 6th Gate” rocketed into the charts (and remained there for more than half a year!) and was subsequently rewarded with a gold record in October 2000. The single charted in the Netherlands and Canada as well, and became a huge hit in Denmark (top 5!).

Peejay and Sam have, since then, decided to pursue their own ways and Peejay sank his teeth in the production of an album which is sure to include many more deliciously devilish hits such as “Judgement Day”, “Black Magic” and “The Devil Is A DJ”.

The new track, “Judgement Day”, already became a huge hit in several European Countries... To be continued!

Considering the band’s current busy agenda, the D-Devils’ future is definitely looking bright. This might be the first time that, by looking out for his own, the devil might actually be doing the world a favour...

Get ready for the most mind-blowing beats from Hell!
Get ready for... D-Devils!

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