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Carl Cox


Carl Cox
Carl Cox has been named the "greatest DJ in the world." Under most circumstances this title would reflect supreme mixmaster status, which Carl has undoubtedly earned on an international level; however, Carl’s multi-faceted career far surpasses that of a DJ. As head of his own Worldwide Ultimatum Records and Ultimate Music Management, mastermind behind the F.A.C.T. dance compilations, architect of "Phuture 2000", and the main ingredient in the first in an upcoming new Moonshine series "Mixed Live"; Cox has successfully shaken up all previous notions of what the role of ‘DJ’ encompasses.
Carl was born in Manchester, England to Barbadian parents who eventually settled their family in the South of London. He spent most of his formative years surrounded by a warm environment, in which his parents enjoyed throwing parties for friends and family on a regular basis. When Carl grew a little older, he became a "mobile DJ", hired to play at weddings and other gatherings. It was in this social circle that Carl learned to please the crowds of people and sired an intimacy with guests through the medium of sound. He attributes his open-minded music policy to these modest beginnings which gave him his first experience of discovering what a crowd wants, and how to deliver it with his own style.
Carl was driven by the sounds of the ‘60’s with swirling combinations of Jazz, Funk and Soul. Long before jungle, electronica or dance was even a glimmer, little Carl Cox fell in love with the sensuality that music offered. His very first LP (the Diana Ross classic "Love Hangover") was simply a taste of what was in Carl’s future. Although initially inspired, one LP was not long enough for Carl- he yearned for the sustained satisfaction of continuous sound; the seed of technically mastered continuity. It was this longing that became ingrained in his pulse.
The stylings of Jazz legend Maceo Parker further roused Carl’s appreciation of the all night jam and the art of improvisation. The introduction of soul giant James Brown to the scene developed the core of Carl’s fascination with layers of harmony and endless beats to mature into a conscious discovery of soul within himself and the music. From then on, Carl threw himself entirely into what would be a lifetime investment. By the time Carl was 15, his childhood practice of innocently entertaining at family parties, naturally progressed into bigger occasions for the community at large. With each and every party came requests for more, expanding his reputation.
He became so submerged in music that all his memories of time and place were built up through layers of sound. His childhood toying with 45’s developed into a way of life and a medium of expression. Carl’s musical abilities rapidly matured beyond his years, matched by the speed in which his stories in sound began to resonate beyond the capacity of the standard turntable set. His technical mastering and ever-growing fan base motivated him to ascend to an unprecedented plateau of invention. By the late 70’s when hip-hop and Technics (a force yet to be realized in the genre of electronica), moved into the mix. The sound launched him into an unparalleled dimension of distinction. But the more widespread the Carl Cox name became, the more careful he was to elude definition by status or label.
Carl has always remained the antithesis of the typically egotistical DJ. He actively maintains a connection with the dancers on the floor, never isolating himself from his audience. Whether at the recurrent weekly space at the Velvet Underground in London, or a more exotic locale; Carl speaks the universal vernacular of sound. The crowd is his support and sounding board. He has learned to sense the distinct character of each club’s crowd and introduce himself to them. Known for his genuine warmth and ready smile, Carl clearly derives great pleasure from using new material to entertain each different group of faces. Channeled through three turntables, his DJing reflects his open mindedness and the experiences that his world travels bring.
Carl can take any given crowd on a shared journey into sound with no limits. It was at the Sunrise rave, just outside London, back in 1988 when the dance community got its first real taste of the charisma and power of Carl Cox. Playing at 10:30 am, after 12 hours of reveling, Carl managed to coax 15,000 weary ravers back onto their feet to party anew. Since that day he admits that his phone "hasn’t stopped ringing." Forever augmenting his repertoire through travel, Carl has effectively woven together the world communities of rave.
Carl describes his music as a means by which people can be brought together from different places but share a positive and common adventure. His international popularity is a testament. His hectic DJing schedule has seen him perform across the world having traveled to Israel, Australia, South Africa, and Japan. In July of 1998, Cox played to about one million people at the most revered of all rave culture events-the legendary Love Parade in Berlin. Also in July of 1998, he gave his debut DJ performance at New York’s Twilo club and drew the largest crowd that club has ever seen. The American dance scene was slow to catch on to Carl’s influence, but this phenomenal debut broke the ice not only for himself, but for other DJ’s. Since then, his residency at Twilo has been extended throughout 2000 consolidating his impact on the scene.
Carl’s live performances have translated into hard record company currency with unprecedented success. F.A.C.T. and F.A.C.T. 2 were compilations put together by Cox that sonically blew away other dance mixes. Sales went to the top of the charts in the UK. He followed up the F.A.C.T. series with At The End Of Cliché; emerging as the final definitive testimony to all of Carl’s great experiments in independent ideas and sound. Marrying old school legends to the one that has been made of him, Carl has arrived at a symbiotic relationship with the culture he has successfully inspired. Phuture 2000 is a consolidation of his varied experiences and sound intensification that no one has yet to realize .
Carl Cox is the DJ’s ultimate DJ and the complete embodiment of the live dance experience. Who better to kick off the new Moonshine Music DJ Mixed Series "Mixed Live" than the "Don" of the dance world himself. Created to capture the energy and intensity of a live set as well as the ambient sounds surrounding these massive events, "Mixed Live: Carl Cox" will confirm Carl’s dynamic live presence. With millions flocking to clubs and raves, what better way to recreate the experience than to give them the master, Carl Cox!
Cox has an outlook of extreme hope and excitement inspired by and expressed through the rainbow of sound. He has a genuine love for the occupation of DJing, which he has elevated into an art form, and will continue to spin for as long as his enthusiasm dictates. Running a current of energy through the ears and hearts of those who hear him spin, he is welcomed into the community of dancers who cherish him. On a musical, personal and spiritual level, he has reached a series of unique triumphs never before linked to the role of DJ. It is through these channels that he has earned the distinction as one of the best entertainers in the world.

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